Celia Dionne, Fiber / Weaving - Foley AL

Handwoven Trans-Seasonal Wraps & Scarves

Originally known for rag weaving and hand spinning in Tennessee, Celia Dionne has been exhibiting prize winning “Fun Wraps” since moving to Alabama in 1994.

She weaves these shawls and triangle-based garments on triangular frame looms of various sizes. "Weaving this way is a pure tactile experience for there is no mechanical manipulation of the warp or weft as with a floor loom. I finger weave on the frame and the warp and weft are the same yarn but intertwined. Each triangle is woven individually, then I apply a fringe and/or finish the edges."

Celia earned a BA from Sophie Newcomb College of Tulane University and a teaching certificate from Washington University in St. Louis. Her formal education and teaching experiences included Classical Flute, French and English as a Second Language, yet she had always wanted to learn to weave.

In the 70’s Celia met Ruth Truett, demonstrating weaving on the porch of a historic home in Nashville. She decided to take a basic weaving class from Ms Truett, then joined a weaving guild. More skills were acquired through workshops.

In 1983 Celia opened a weaving and spinning shop in Franklin, TN, called CLARA’S LOOM, which is still the name of her studio, now located in Bon Secour.

"After frequent trips with my husband to Washington, DC it became clear that I wanted to do some weaving in off time in the hotels. We saw a triangle loom in a shop window and decided to try this technique. He had to read me the instructions over and over until I got it. The loom disassembles and became part of my travel gear.

Part of the skill of handweaving is tension control. Floor looms have tension devices that must be mastered. Frame looms have none…just the weaver. I place every yarn manually in the items I create. By using color and texture I hope to please your eye and hand.

To learn more about Celia Dionne, her creations, and her Fiber Studio & Art Gallery, Clara's Loom, please visit her web site: www.clarasloom.com